Are you a rider that believes that a shock can be sold over the phone by the clerk asking your weight?  My advice is to move along.

Believe what you may! We know internet warehouses/ local dealers don't have the experience and knowledge. Service and tuning is the only way to know how to properly outfit  your motorcycle with suspension. 

The bike, the rider, the type of components are each a part of a equation. A equation that will answer the unknown for your bikes suspension needs.

Welcome to SB Suspension! 

 If your looking to improve the ride and control of your motorcycle then we can help.   The way a bike handles and rides is the deciding factor between liking the way your bike rides or loving the way your bike rides. Either on the road or on the track SB Suspension offers the answers and knowledge that will guide you to the right answer.

 "Focus" is our key.  Keeping a focus on what it takes for each and every rider gives us the advantage over the competition.  

 Years of Experience and knowledge are the tools that set us apart from the rest. Our experience has been gained from working on thousands of motorcycles. To many long days and late nights to count.

Our experience has taught us that every bike and every rider is a different story. Suspension is not a one size fits all equation.  Let us outfit your bike the right way.  Buy it right and buy it once!

 AMA MotoAmerica Tuning



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