I sell both products and I'm happy setting a customer up with either one. I've been working on Ohlins products for 20 years in all levels of riding and racing. Being a tuner has given me a lot of experience with the products that they offer.

No one knows more about shocks than Ohlins. 

The Ohlins Scrambler shock is a fine product. The Ohlins shock will dramatically change the ride of the Scrambler over stock. It addresses many of the Scrambler riders complaints with the bike. The shock has spring preload and rebound damping adjustment only. However, It does not have any type of compression or ride height adjustment. It is made in the Thailand facility down the road from the Scrambler. The Ohlins scrambler shock is a basic shock with the Architecture based on the classic design Ohlins used in the 90's, until the TTX.

What Ohlins got right was the price. First, It's priced low enough for a impulse buy! Think of the guy getting his oil changed in the dealership. The shock is sitting on display. He's going to buy it without calling the wife for permission(hard to do with a $1500 TTX). Buying from a standard Ducati dealer is not the best way to buy a shock but that's just my opinion.

Second, The shock is also priced well against the competition. Most Scrambler riders are not familiar with performance shocks. They are coming off of Japanese bikes that they have never given a thought to about suspension. If the Ohlins was priced to high then they might lose a sale to cheaper made shocks. Cheap shocks never work well and eventually the customer is unhappy. Unlike cheap shocks the Ohlins can be serviced and revalved as needed.

Thirdly, The shock works as designed. No average rider would be unhappy with the ride. The shock is designed well, made well and works well. The Scrambler is a happy bike with the Ohlins on the back.