For the SB shock I wanted to design a shock. Not just any shock but a shock that met all the parameters to create a proper handling Ducati should have. I also wanted a shock that could be upgraded and tuned according to the demands of a rider.

SB Designed Scrambler Shock

 For the Ducati Scrambler we offer a fully adjustable shock that meets the needs of the individual rider

The shock that is offered is very modular. It offers compression adjustment, Rebound adjustment and and ride height adjustment. The shock can even be optioned out with High speed compression or made with a open jet design with only rebound adjustment. Of course, The shock has spring preload  As a added feature changing a spring doesn't require special tools. 

The SB shock offers the ability to have Compression and rebound adjustment at your fingertips.  For a true no tool "on the fly" adjustment. We always recommend to adjust the suspension at a safe, complete stop.

I have the shock made and assembled in the USA in North Carolina by JRi. SB Suspesnion is the exclusive distributor of our shock. Using a company that is technical enough to make a product with racing tolerances but small enough to be flexible in design.

   The standard SB Suspension rear shock is our Double adjustable shock. Retail: $985

Due to the modular design of our shock riders have the freedom to change options on the shock:

The SB shock can also be ordered in a single adjustable rebound Streetfighter version. Retail $799

For the full time race version we offer a highspeed compression adjustabler option for $1299