For the ultimate front end feel we partnered with GP Suspension. Designed and built in the U.S.A.

 The original swedish 25mm fork cartridge design has been race proven for decades now.  GP has taken the 25mm cartridge concept and perfected the performance.  We partnered with GP to bring to market the best front end that you could shoehorn into a Scrambler fork.    

A well designed and engineered 25mm cartridge will rival and surpass the performance of a full fork.  There is no reason to think that a scrambler would need a different fork.  

Why 25mm vs 20mm? The 20mm piston just doesn't flow enough oil.  Switching to a 25mm piston fork cartridge will offer the precision and performance like no other. These cartridges are equipped with a mid valve to always keep the tire planted in the right position. 

Retail: $1200

SB GP Fork Cartridges