FYI: Most servere problems that we find trackside is caused by human error. Dangerous mistakes in service that were performed by a riders local service shop or dealership.

The easiest way to explain this is with a example.  Suspension can be compared to gunsmithing.  If a gun isn't assembled  with precision then it will never shoot straight.  It doesn't matter how talented the marksman is. He will never hit the bullseye.

It doesn't matter if you have basic stock suspension or the best aftermarket suspension. Leaking seals and improperly working suspension have a common element. A lack of proper service and maintinence. 

 A repair shop or dealership are not properly supported from the OEM for suspension service.  Those that have the very basic training might fumble their way through a service now and then.  Never at a expert level.

At SB we do one thing over and over every day. Sometimes 7 days a week.  That one thing is Suspension!  Over and over we Set up, Tune and service forks/shocks from all types of motorcycles.  The kind of work that seperates a Authority in a suspension from amature.                         "The Suspension Lab"