Over the years we have serviced thousands of forks and shocks.  Experience shows us over and over. To keep your suspension working like new you need to have proper service at the proper interval.


Racing: For racing we recommend a full suspension service performed every season.  Followed by oil changes every 3 to 4 races.  


Track Day/Club racers:  Keep it simple by starting out with a fresh suspension service once a year.  If your racing for points then do at least one oil change mid season. Remember that if you wad up the bike.  Then the suspension needs to be serviced and checked for straightness.


Street riders:  While street bikes never create the heat and stress that comes from racing. Suspnsion service is very important for proper motorcycle handling.  Your suspension should be serviced every 2 years or 24,000 miles.  Most stock suspension needs a first service after 7k to 10k miles. Stock oil is low quality and breaks down quickly.


Classics:  If your bike sits around the garage and only is ridden on sunny days.  Then you should bring it in every 3 or 4 years.  Moisture and dirt contaminate the oil.  Nitrogen leaks out of bladders.  Fork legs corrode.  Don't have a get off because the bike is only ridden now and then. Your back will thank you.